Do I have to register to find Snapchat usernames on your site?

No. Registration is optional and you can search our database at any time completely free. However if you want other visitors to find your Snapchat Username then you will need to register for a free account to add your profile to our database.

Can I hide or remove my profile if I want to stop appearing in search results?

Yes. The Edit Profile page allows you to temporarily hide your profile from all searches by clicking the "Hide Account" button. To make your account visible again simply click the same button.

To permanently remove your account, click the red Delete Account button and accept the confirmation dialog that will appear. Once deleted your account is completely removed from our system and you would need to register again to put your username back onto our website.

Help! Someone has registered a fake account using my Snapchat Username and now I'm getting unwanted Snapchat messages

We take account abuse very seriously. If someone has registered an account using your Snapchat username, please let us know. We'll investigate as quickly as possible and if the account is proved to be fake it will be removed and the registrant's email and IP address blocked to prevent further abuse.

I've seen a user's picture that breaches your website guidelines, can it be removed?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we do not allow posting of pictures containing full nudity or abusive messages, gestures or other activity that a typical user would find offensive. While we take great care to moderate uploaded images, we cannot always catch every case. If you see a picture that you believe is in violation of the rules, click the "Report" link you will see underneath it and fill out the short form that appears, to tell us why you feel the image should be removed. Every report is investigated and if the picture is deemed to be in breach it will be removed.